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It’s hard to imagine that someone can rise from relative obscurity to superstar status in just a few years, but that is what Afrojack has done. Born Nick Van de Wall, Afrojack was drawn to music at an early age. The piano at five turned into experimentation with creating his own music at eleven. As with many emerging artists he struggled with juggling dead-end jobs and his true love of music.

His career really started to take off in 2006 when he fled catering jobs in Rotterdam for the sunny shores of Crete, taking any and every opportunity to play. After this working-vacation he returned to the Netherlands to focus on putting out music with the help of a label. “In Your Face” was his debut effort, which landed at #3 in the Dutch Dance Top 30.

Since then he has put out some epic tracks including, “Toyfriend” with god-like producer David Guetta, “Take Over Control,” “Polkadots,” “No Beef” with Steve Aoki, and “Bangduck.” His original tracks are played in every big DJ set from Ibiza to EDC, but his remixes have been equally amazing and include “Where Them Girls At,” again taking Guetta to whole new heights and “Sweat” by Snoop Dogg. His obvious talent at crossing genres is making him one of the most sough after producers in the EDM world right now.


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