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Allic Puts The Freak In “Freakochet”

I guess when a producer describes himself as having “no management, no label, no marketing” its pretty obvious that it’s all about the music. Allic is another wildly talented DJ/producer out of Gothenburg, Sweden, (Do you think there might be something in the water?) and music is the only thing on his mind. I wish I could tell you more but you will just have to take my word for it and check this guy out.

“Freakochet” is a progressive house track that hits some really great points. It has an innate optimism and a definitive European feel to it. At a couple points there is a certain reminiscence of Avicii, but that gives way into an original sound that holds its own against other great Swedes producing music in this genre.

- Aubrey

Here’s a couple other tracks that we LOVE from ALLIC:
“Guerrilla” (Original Mix)

“LIGHTS” – Toes (ALLIC Remix)

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