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Vicious B!tch Invites ARESS To The Reunion

ARESS has finally reached the States, and has a fun hit on their hands with “Reunion,” a release with Vicious Bitch. Hailing out of Australia, ARESS has an old school, disco feel mixed with a hint of Daft Punk that makes this track beg to be danced to.
“Reunion” (Original Mix) – Buy this track on BeatPort HERE!

I can see a dance floor absolutely erupting when this song is played. At 1:35 it takes a turn and gets a little funky. I LOVE a track that keeps me guessing from second to second. This is a good one and will help you reunite with those dancing shoes that you have been so callously neglecting. Check it out…Now!


Here’s a couple tracks from ARESS available for FREE download:
“Get You” (Original Mix)

“Do You Wanna” (Original Mix)

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