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Avicii Fire vs Levels 2

Do I even want to start controversy and compare a track to Avicii’s sacred “LEVELS”? Or even ponder the thought of naming it “LEVELS 2”. Some would call that blasphemy, but here at House Music Or Die, we like to stir the pot.

When Avicii dropped his recent track “FIRE”, the “LEVELS 2” headlines instantly started popping up. At first I was calling bullshit, until I clicked play and heard the steady thump alongside the slowly building synth. Right off the bat I knew I was in for an epic treat!

Avicii blows through the track at a fast pace with subtle breaks along the way. The only shitty part of the song I could find was when it ended. That being said, anything Avicii gets his hands on instantly turns into house music gold.

You are the judge…“LEVELS 2”? Or can “FIRE” carry its own weight?


HMOD Rating: 9 – Face Melting!

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