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Cazzette Takes It To Another Levels!

I freaking LOVE “Levels”! Any artist who wants to put out their remix, I am more than happy to oblige by listening to it until my speakers beg me to stop.

Avicii‘s original mix is awesome because the track sings to me even though there are hardly any vocals. BUT, I am loving this Cazzette remix because it dirties up the original, making it harder and more electro without losing everything I love about it.

There is an awesome filtered buildup at 2:01 that takes a drop into wicked, glitchy-ness without losing any of the original’s melodic simplicity. This track is at once familiar and totally new and it still gives me a “feeling that I never, ever, ever, ever had before!”

Give this one a listen one or two thousand times and let us know what you think.


HMOD Rating: 8 – Mind Blowing!

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Levels (Cazzette's NYC Mode Mix) - Levels (Remixes) - EP

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  • This remix is overrated according to the description, the original song is better in my opinion


    January 20, 2012

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