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Best of Afrojack

2012 Grammy nominee Afrojack has quickly climbed the ranks to become one of the most well-known and sought after talents in the EDM world.

He is constantly touring and working on collaborations with huge artists inside and outside of the business with incredible success. Here are some of our favorite Afrojack tracks.

“Take Over Control” Feat. Eva Simons

This track has catapulted Afrojack into a whole new stratosphere. It has been a huge radio hit and has really been a catalyst in EDM becoming more mainstream.

If you have ever been at a club or rave when this song drops, you understand the power of Afrojack, and his ability to make the dance floor erupt like a dormant volcano.

Eva Simons vocals are perfection and burn into your brain. I defy you to not get this song stuck in your head for days at a time. This is undoubtedly the most popular track he has come out with and his career is only just beginning.

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Take Over Control (Extended) [feat. Eva Simons] - Take Over Control (feat. Eva Simons) - Single

“No Beef” Afrojack & Steve Aoki Feat. Miss Palmer

I usually listen to a song a couple of times before I decide whether or not I really like it. Sometimes I will find a track to be lackluster, but after listening to it more and more I discover nuances that I really end up enjoying.

This is not one of those tracks. The first time I heard this collaboration with Steve Aoki, I thought, “Holy Shit! This is my new favorite song!

The “eff’ed up camel” drop at 1:20 made me laugh and want to dance with the sheer absurdity of it all. I love the bouncy, whimsical feeling of this track, but what I LOVE is the switch at 2:30 with the added vocals that add another dimension.

Never has a track made me go from being in a terrible mood to dancing like a madwoman and completely forgetting whatever I was just currently stressing about. And if you haven’t checked out the music video, do it fucking now!

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No Beef (Original Mix) [feat. Miss Palmer] - No Beef (Original Mix) [feat. Miss Palmer] - Single


Afrojack is king of the super-fun dance track and “Bangduck” is certainly no exception. The only problem I have seen with this track is that everyone wants to sing along. This results in people “bee-boo-bee-boo-bee-boo-ing” and trying to become a human synth.

Aside from that small irritant this song is another one of my favorites. The synth in it is warped and the drums are snappy. This is one of those tracks that immediately brings back memories of raves that I have been too. When this song comes on, it gives way to those “awww yeahhh” moments of pure dancing bliss.

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Bangduck (Original Mix) - Bangduck - Single

“A msterdamn” The Partysquad Vs Afrojack

This track is an example of how simplicity can become musical gold. It has the same bouncy and playful synth that Afrojack is known for alongside some heavy bass. There is something almost childlike about the beginning of this song which makes you think that it might not go hard. But it does.

The drop around the one minute mark leads to a much darker tone that segues seamlessly back into a pogo-sticking dance beat. This track also features one of the most NSFW videos, which is reminiscent of a trip to Amsterdam. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the Sin City of Europe, you should probably book your flight soon!

A Msterdamn (Extended Edit) [The Partysquad vs. Afrojack] - A Msterdamn (Extended Edit) [The Partysquad vs. Afrojack] - Single


There is a long intro to this one, but be patient because the drop around 2:15 is well worth the wait. I like this track because it shows a more restrained Afrojack. His songs are usually full of crazy synth lines and have a happier more innocent feel to them.

I get a more emotional and mature feeling because of the deeper drums and heavier bass. There is an electro sounding depth that takes it to a different place and displays Afrojack’s versatility within the genre.

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Replica (Original Mix) - Replica - Single


This is not one of Afrojack’s most well-known tracks, but it’s one of our favorites. This track samples hip-hop and has hints of dancehall. It is all over the place (in a good way), but still has the familiar feel of an Afrojack joint, which keeps me coming back for more.

The synth lines are crazy, the drums are snappy, and the drop around 3:50 mark leads to new and even better places with even more wonky synths. It you haven’t listened to this one yet, you know what to do…

Afrojack’s music constantly has us dancing and smiling, which is why he has found so much success with creating viral dance music.

Be sure to check him out, he will not disappoint!


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