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Best Of Tiesto

Tiesto Maximal Crazy

Tiesto is consistently described as the greatest DJ in the world, and whether or not you agree you have to admit that the man has longevity in an industry that is constantly changing.

His ability to be a musical chameleon is what has made him such a driving force in the electronic music genre. He has been spinning and creating mind-bending music way before many of us were even born.

His performances are to sell-out crowds at almost every large festival you could imagine, as well as the biggest global stage you could play for, the Olympics. We thought it was about time we paid some respect to the man, the legend, known as Tiesto. Here are 7 of Tiesto’s best tracks!

“Feel It In My Bones” Feat. Tegan & Sara

Twins Tegan and Sarah lend their voices to this track with great success. Their voices on their own are quivering and have an almost digitized quality that mesh well with the music. However, the song is a satisfying treat even without the vocals which is a nod to the quality of Tiesto’s productions.

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Feel It In My Bones (feat. Tegan and Sara) - Kaleidoscope (Bonus Track Version)

“Zero 76″

This collaboration between Tiesto and Hardwell is NOT a track for your headphones. This was created for the large venue, complete with sweaty dancing and wild festival intensity that Tiesto has made his home. The buildup at 1:13 is frenetic and the drop at 1:22 is, for lack of a more intelligible expression, AMAZEBALLS!

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Zero 76 - Zero 76 - Single

“Love Comes Again” Feat. BT

“Love Comes Again” is definitely the type track that made Tiesto a name in the mouths of EDM fans worldwide. It has a 90′s European dance club feeling that evokes a certain amount of nostalgia in his die-hard, long-time fans.

Tiesto got more of the “untz-untz-untz” and rave-horn sound going on in there compared to most songs that come out now. This vocal heavy track is reminiscent of earlier, clubier, glowstick and pacifier days of the EDM scene.

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Love Comes Again (feat. BT) - Magikal Journey - The Hits Collection


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