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Dont Blame the Party – Firebeatz Remix

This remix of “Don’t Blame the Party” by Firebeatz is on fire!!! The original track, by the Bingo Players is tame in comparison to the much more electro heavy sounding remix.


Bingo Players Create A Mad Dash To The Dance Floor

The Bingo Players have consistently been putting out some of the best tracks for the past few months and this one is no exception. Carl Tricks’ track “Mad Dash” has been given the Bingo Players treatment and it’s killer.

This track immediately builds up in the first minute and a half and absolutely knocks you on your ass with it’s first drop.


Bingo Players – L’Amour

I was blown away by the preview for this track and the full version has not disappointed me in the least. I heard some comparisons to Daft Punk in this song, which would usually cause me to roll my eyes, but there are some definite similarities which are AMAZING!


Bingo Players – L’Amour Teaser

OH. MY. GOD. February 20th couldn’t come sooner! Very rarely am I this excited by a teaser for a track but “L’Amour” is an exception. From second one I had the feeling of a kid on Christmas because that is literally how good this is!


Bingo Players Melt Your Face With Mode

Bingo Players have followed up their mega hit “Cry (Just a Little)” with what is sure to be another club banger. “Mode” has everything going for it.

In sticking with the style that the duo has established for themselves, they have produced another flawless track that will have the dance floors filled. The first thirty seconds jump off with pulse-pounding drums and the digitized bells give the song a melodic quality that draws you in even more.