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CID D KID Will Keep On Rockin’!

CID D KID is a talented producer from NY by way of the Dominican Republic and Florida. After working with some of music’s biggest heavy hitters, CID D KID is now focusing on his own music and unique sound which has been influenced by Erick Morillo, who he sites as having an asthetic that he really appreciates.


Vicious B!tch Invites ARESS To The Reunion

ARESS has finally reached the States, and has a fun hit on their hands with “Reunion,” a release with Vicious Bitch. Hailing out of Australia, ARESS has an old school, disco feel mixed with a hint of Daft Punk that makes this track beg to be danced to.
“Reunion” (Original Mix) – Buy this track on BeatPort HERE!


Christian De La Torre And DJ Jakato

Christian De La Torre is straight out of San Diego California, and was able to find joy in a broad range of music at an early age.

Jazz, classical, and guitar gave way to singing and song writing, mixing and producing. He now focuses on developing his own unique electro house sound that he hopes pays homage to greats like Kaskade and Deadmau5. His live sets are the best representation of his talents as well as his collaboration with frequent contributor DJ Jakato.


Allic Puts The Freak In “Freakochet”

I guess when a producer describes himself as having “no management, no label, no marketing” its pretty obvious that it’s all about the music. Allic is another wildly talented DJ/producer out of Gothenburg, Sweden, (Do you think there might be something in the water?) and music is the only thing on his mind. I wish I could tell you more but you will just have to take my word for it and check this guy out.


MADEin82 And Mixing It Up Ever Since!

DJ Ken C AKA (MADEin82) has been mixing since he was nineteen in California’s Bay Area. His varied background in music as a child drew him to the scene and quickly developed his skills. His ability to spin a variety of music from across all genres is what has been able to set him apart from the others.