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EC Twins & Remy Le Duc Resurrect The Knights

If you feel you need to be brought back to life after a weekend of partying to welcome the new year, look no further than this new banger from the EC Twins and Remy Le Duc.

“Resurrection” is filled with a drum heavy intro that segues into a melodic, keyboard-synthesized beat around the one minute mark. This may be a serene lullaby, while simultaneously a dark and ominous theme song for something much more evil.


Skrillex Drops Right In

“Right In,” off of Skrill’s most recent EP Bangarang, is a classic Skrillex-sounding track. Those who have listened to other Skrillex tracks will recognize his signature sounds, which while familiar, are still able to take some unique turns.


Bingo Players Melt Your Face With Mode

Bingo Players have followed up their mega hit “Cry (Just a Little)” with what is sure to be another club banger. “Mode” has everything going for it.

In sticking with the style that the duo has established for themselves, they have produced another flawless track that will have the dance floors filled. The first thirty seconds jump off with pulse-pounding drums and the digitized bells give the song a melodic quality that draws you in even more.


You’ll Need R3hab After This One

Swanky Tunes and R3hab teamed up to bring us this sick electro track that is clearly off the chain! It starts off gradualy then builds up to an epic drop that regardless of what you’re doing, will get you up and jumping…so watch yourself if in a public place, people will think you’re insane.


The EC Twins Are Officially Trouble

Check out The EC Twins & Remy Le Duc ft. Shakeh – Trouble below…and own it today from Beatport!

One of our #1 go-to DJs in our search for crazy, wild and high energy house tracks are The EC Twins, and they are taking the electronic house scene by storm. Using their wild and upbeat electronic mixes and high energy charisma, they have sky rocketed in popularity throughout the US.