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Surrender to Quintino

After experiencing Quintino’s set at Playhouse in Hollywood on Monday night, our expectations were confirmed that this Dutch DJ means business.

Quintino‘s set was loud and energetic, and flawlessly set the Playhouse crowd for what was to come next; an always rewarding aural experience delivered by superstar DJ Afrojack.


Top 20 Tracks of 2011 You Probably Missed

Sander Van Doorn

It is very easy to get caught up in the House tracks getting played out on the radio, SiriusXM, the local clubs, and overlook those less popular tracks that compare to and even exceed the “mainstream.”


Cazzette Convinces You to “Believe It”

When Spencer & Hill first dropped “Believe It” a couple months back the track’s popularity erupted. Having Nadia Ali up front on the vocals made the song that much better. Not to mention she is smoking hot!

The original mix has a pretty sweet beat to start off with, but when Cazzette, master of remixes, got a hold of “Believe It” they took it to a whole new level.