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Top 20 Tracks of 2011 You Probably Missed

Sander Van Doorn

It is very easy to get caught up in the House tracks getting played out on the radio, SiriusXM, the local clubs, and overlook those less popular tracks that compare to and even exceed the “mainstream.”


Ladi Dadi, Steve Aoki Sure Knows How To Party!

Steve Aoki has another bonafide hit on his hands with “Ladi Dadi.” It’s not his usual up-tempo, fist-pumping club banger but with Wynter Gordon on vocals this track is sure to gain a sizeable following that will be more than happy to grind it out.


We’re All No One – Nervo, Afrojack & Steve Aoki

What do you get when you mix super-producers Steve Aoki and Afrojack with the uber-sexy Australian duo Nervo? “We’re All No One” is the answer.

Undoubtedly this will be a track that has you singing along and dancing with reckless abandon. The girls provide the airy vocals on this track and prove that they are not just ridiculously pretty faces.


Tiesto And Aoki Blow You Away

“Tornado” is an electrifying jam dropping from two of our favorite artists that’s guaranteed to blow your stereo. This jam is a great mix of Tiesto’s electronica sound & Steve Aoki’s electric house energy.


We Got No Beef With This Afrojack and Steve Aoki Jam!

From the moment we clicked play and heard the hypnotizing synthing and ding-dinging in our ears, we knew this one was going to be HOT!

Throw that sweet bassline in there and get ready to be in Beast Mode! But putting Afrojack & Steve Aoki together on one track, would you expect anything less?! Doubt it.