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AN21 & Max Vangeli Vs. Steve Angello – H8RS

“H8RS” is the newest track from Swedish masterminds Steve Angello, Max Vangeli, and AN21. The intro to this track might have you thinking that this is another classically house sounding track from this trio but give it some time to warm up and you will see that this track definitely has a harder sounding electro edge, which is a departure from some of Angello’s other material.


Franz Novotny Drops The Big Bang!

Yet another super talented producer out of Sweden…are you jealous yet? Franz Novotny is on the verge of a breakout with his track “Big Bang.” Let’s just say that if Kaskade is dropping your track in his sets, you have pretty much been given the stamp of success by one of the Godfathers of house music.


All You Need Is Love! (And Avicii)

“All You Need is Love” may just be a teaser ripped from Avicii’s recent live set at Ultra Music Festival, but it’s enough of a taste for listeners to have their tongues wagging for the full version. It’s another home run for the young Swede, this track has vocals that will have the girls singing and a beat that will have the bros fist pumping with gusto.