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Zedd Covers the Whole Spectrum

Zedd’s newest release “Spectrum” is on fire. The title is beyond fitting because this track runs the spectrum of different styles and sounds throughout. It starts off with synth-heavy wheeziness and transforms into a bouncy lyrically charged club track. This track is melodic and highly digitized at the same time.


Zedd Delivers A Shotgun Blast To Your Ears

“Shotgun” is Zedd’s new track and it is truly a shotgun to the eardrums. The drums are heavy and hard, but they take a small break before getting really intense at the 1:30 mark. Wait about a minute and it goes in a completely different direction that is fun and whimsical and then back again to that almost hardstyle sound.


Don’t Slam The Fuckin Door!

Zedd most recently left us begging for more with his hit track “Stars Comes Out.” Now, taking his new track “Slam the Door” in a completely different direction, and really showcasing his versatility as a producer.


Shit Pops Off When The Stars Come Out

I like a song that I can sing along to but it seems hard to make any kind of EDM song with lyrics that doesn’t fall short, feel hollow, or lose its credibility. Fortunately lyrical electro-house has found a champion in Zedd with his release of “Stars Come Out.”