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Dada Life

Dada Life

The duo consisting of Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom hail from Sweden, but almost seem as if they could have just recently busted out of an insane asylum. Their music is infused with greasy, sausage-fattened basslines and head-banging drums. They are best known for original tracks like “Red Meat and White Noise” and “Unleash the Fucking Dada” as well as their remixed versions of Kaskade’s “Dynasty” and their harder, dirtier version of Duck Sauce’s “Big, Bad, Wolf.”

Dada Life is not only known for their music but also for their shows, which undoubtedly end in flying bananas, spraying champagne., and the random surprise appearance by 35-piece marching bands a la Electric Daisy Carnival. Their hyperactive, slightly crazed performances have won them die-hard fans across the globe and their collaborative spirit, which has paired them with other huge names like Tiesto, only furthers their EDM A-list celebrity status.

In the words of Olle and Stefan their music is less about the pretty sound and “more face to the floor than hands in the air.” They are constantly working in the studio on new tracks and making beefed up remixes, but also find the time to create new plug-ins for other artists to use to make “meatier” sounds. Their “sausage fattener” plug-in is used across the EDM universe. Stay tuned for more from this rambunctious Swedish duo because they aren’t going anywhere.


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