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Darth & Vader Let’s Call It Prutataaa!

“Prutataaa” is definitely one of my favorite tracks, only because I love screaming the “WOO!” part. But seriously? Who doesn’t.

Darth & Vader have taken Afrojack and R3hab’s fun track and put their unique and original spin on it. By keeping a lot of the original untouched they still take it to a dark new place that compliments the song.

The intro is truly like being taken on a journey through space, and almost feels like it could be the soundtrack to a movie. It segues into the original where it takes a more electro heavy turn that almost borders on dubstep with its more industrial sounds.

The song changes so much you have no choice but to be on your toes. Darth & Vader switch it up in this song, and it isn’t just the tempos but the entire genre.

This one is a headbanger for sure! Give it a listen and let us know what you think.


HMOD Rating: 8 – That’s whats up!

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