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deadmau5 – “Album Title Goes Here”

As you’ve probably noticed by now, deadmau5 likes to keep his album titles as vague and ironic as possible. His new album that was released today is no different; a 13-track compilation titled Album Title Goes Here.

2012 was an interesting year for deadmau5 who faced criticism from fans for straying too far from his 2008-2010 sound that made him the iconic super DJ he is today. Given this, what can you expect from this new album?

The album has got a little bit of everything we’ve grown to expect from Joel Zimmerman, and yet there’s still something missing.

It contains a number of deadmau5 signature styled progressive house tracks such as “October,” “Fn Pig,” and “There Might Be Coffee.”

It contains satisfying single-ready hits we’ve all heard such as “The Veldt“, and “Professional Griefers.”

It even contains some fresh collaborations with the likes of Cypress Hill on “Failbait”, as well as Imogen Heap on “Telemiscommunications.”

The album as a whole however is sort of like its first track “Subliminal,” which has a great buildup and then fades out before any climax. The album will leave your ears with blue balls, desperately wanting more. Given the level of amazing EDM music deadmau5 has consistently put out throughout his career, I don’t think its unfair for all of us to hold his work up to a higher standard.

On another note, be sure to check out my personal favorite track from the album above, “Closer”. It’s pretty fucking epic.


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