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DJ David Hiller Is Drumming Up The Beats!

Listening to DJ/producer David Hiller’s tracks, it’s not difficult to imagine him as the drummer he is. His songs have a defined beat that you can feel down to your toes. This up and comer has played some of Hollywood’s most prestigious venues including The Roxy, The Troubadour, and the Key Club. Making these performances even more impressive is the fact that he backs all of his tracks with live drumming.

His track “Atom Smasher” has already been featured in a Gatorade commercial which aired worldwide, this is just one of many signs of big things to come for Hiller.
“Atom Smasher” (Original Mix)

“Atom Smasher” is heavy on the drums from the get go and gets harder and heavier from there. There is a somewhat mischievous feel to the track and an equally wicked baseline. This track isn’t messing around, it’s hard but danceable and I am loving it from start to finish.


Here’s a few other tracks that we LOVE from David Hiller:
“Air” (Original Mix)

“Guru” (Original Mix)

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