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Sub-Zero Is On Fire!

Really digging this new track by Filo and Peri! The duo has been grinding it out with great success in the US since early 2000, with Anthem hitting #1 on the Billboard dance chart, as well as breaking into the UK Top 40 in 2008.

Their new track “Sub-Zero” should garner some major attention stateside, which will be much deserved and could very easily make them a recognizable influence in today’s EDM scene.

This may once again be their “make it big” moment because “Sub-Zero” is polished for 2012 and beyond ready to be dropped in bigroom sets. It is “Mortal Kombat on steroids.”

I love how this track seems to pull inspiration from other artists sounds, yet it does so in a way that still makes it completely their own and unique. This track should definitely have the club losing its mind!


HMOD Rating: 8 – Blowing Minds!

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