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Junkie Bazzinga Heads!

Bazzinga! While the title might sound like an awesome Price Is Right game, the reality is that “Bazinga” is an even more awesome track from Junkie Heads.

Who says all house tracks have to come in long-winded extended mixes, this track gets right to the point, at 2:48 it is a whole lot of fun tied up into a very tiny package. It has some elements reminiscent of “Mush Mush” by the Bassjackers, but really how can that be a bad thing?

I see a bright future for this track as far as it being remixed and mixed into bigger sets, but also as a stand alone track. This duo is someone to look out for, they are on the rise!


HMOD Rating: 8 – On Repeat!

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Bazinga - Virtual Lovers - Vol. 1 (Compiled by The 8th Note)

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