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Ladi Dadi, Steve Aoki Sure Knows How To Party!

Steve Aoki has another bonafide hit on his hands with “Ladi Dadi.” It’s not his usual up-tempo, fist-pumping club banger but with Wynter Gordon on vocals this track is sure to gain a sizeable following that will be more than happy to grind it out.

Aoki manages to coat this one in heavy synth-ilating goodness. Gordon’s, do-no-wrong, quivering vocals are catchy and this track has amazing build-ups that lead to slightly more dubstep-py sounding drops, which are dirty and really diverge from Aoki’s classic sound.

This track has so much potential for great remixes it will be interesting to see what other amazing things can be done with it.


HMOD Rating: 9 – Face Melting!

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Ladi Dadi (Part II) [feat. Wynter Gordon] - Ladi Dadi (Part II) [feat. Wynter Gordon] - Single

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