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Thanks To Mord Fustang, We Are Now Connected!

Have months upon months without any new deadmau5 music left you in a unshakeable funk? Well have no fear Mord Fustang is here! With his track “We Are Now Connected” it will be damn near impossible to shake the comparison to the incomparable Mr.Mau5.

This track is melodic and subtle with its soft and beautiful buildups and I can’t resist the drop at 1:49 that reminds me of a summer day running and popping bubbles in the backyard or “Hi Friend!” Mord Fustang is definitely on the rise in the EDM scene and is going to be someone to keep an eye on this year.

- Aubrey

HMOD Rating: 7 – JAM!

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  • Very true! Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t even noticed how similar Mord Fustang is to Deadmau5 before. They do have a lot of similarities if you really think about it. Chord progressions, clean techy-bass-slaps, etc.


    January 20, 2012

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