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Registering with Dreamhost (Quick Walkthrough)

Glad to hear you are ready to take your music career to the next level! Registering with Dreamhost is simple and should take you about 10 minutes.

We’ve put together a few steps to walk you through the process. Just follow these steps, and once you are registered, let us know and we will begin the install of your new site.

Here’s what you do:

Step 1: Think of a domain name that is best for you and your music ( Try to think of a name that is MOST RELEVANT to YOU.

Some examples: (Your DJ Name).com, (Your DJ Name), iAm(Your DJ Name).com, etc…you get the idea.

Step 2: Click here –, and begin registration with Dreamhost.

Step 2a: Fill in your email and choose a password… click Start Now button to continue.

Step 2b: Choose the “Register a new domain for me” option and enter a desired domain name for your website… click the Continue… button.

You may find out that the domain name you chose previously is not available, in which case just keep trying to find a variation until one that you like is available.

Step 2c: Select the “1 Year prepaid…” Free Trial option and click the Continue… button.

Step 2d: Enter your information and click the Continue… button.

Step 2e: The server name will be filled in for you. Fill in the next field with the city you were born in. Enter “HMOD” in the promo code field, check the box to agree to the terms and conditions, and click the Continue… button.

The “HMOD” promo code will not only get you an even bigger discount when registering, but it will also be used to track for which of our DJ supporters we will be providing this free service to, followed by a feature on

Step 2f: Continue filling in your information and complete the registration process… make sure you get a confirmation!

You’re done!

Once you are confirmed and registered with Dreamhost (you should receive a confirmation email), simply let us know that we can begin the install asap!

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