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Shit Pops Off When The Stars Come Out

I like a song that I can sing along to but it seems hard to make any kind of EDM song with lyrics that doesn’t fall short, feel hollow, or lose its credibility. Fortunately lyrical electro-house has found a champion in Zedd with his release of “Stars Come Out.”

This song is ridiculously catchy and had me singing along almost immediately, much to the dismay of anyone within ear-shot. Zedd wastes no time dropping assaulting basslines and throbbing drums. This track is classic electro-house and Heather Bright’s vocals are powerful and eerie bringing a unique flavor to this track.

By far my favorite part of this track comes at the 3:18 mark, with a quick build up and a sharp drop that is followed by chopped up vocals. I was left wanting and begging for more. Keep your ears open for this track because it is bound to be played everywhere and anywhere.


HMOD Rating: 9 – Face Melting!

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Stars Come Out (Original Mix) - Stars Come Out (feat. Heather Bright) - Single

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