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Posts tagged ‘Dada Life’


Llove the Dada Life Remix!

Ever since Dada Life dropped this massive remix at Coachella, we’ve all been impatiently waiting for its release. Well the wait is over, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Don’t let the title fool you, this track is anything but light. Dada blended Kaskade’s melodic vibes brilliantly with their signature, pounding basslines to create a track destined to tear up any venue.


Dada Life Wants To Be Your Boyfriend

Only for you would I sit down and listen to a Justin Bieber song. “Boyfriend” has been exploding with teeny-boppers everywhere putting the track on repeat, and apparently Dada Life shares this affinity for the bubble-gummy Biebs. Their remix of his track takes it from “meh” to “yeah, I could listen to this a few hundred times.”


These Vocals Kick Out The Epic Mother Fucker!

I’m never sure how to feel when I fall in love with a track, and then a couple of months later a vocal edit comes out. I always kind of feel like it’s an after thought because if the vocals were THAT good they would’ve been on the original.


Dada Life Love’s Their Rolling Stone T-Shirt (Teaser)

If you weren’t ready for summer’s imminent arrival then maybe this new track by Dada Life will get you in the mood. “Rolling Stone T-Shirt” is going to be an anthem for the summer festivals and raves for sure!


Ultra Music Festival Is Approaching FAST!

Sexy city, even sexier people, and every conceivable electronic artist smashed into a crazed three day weekend? Um, yes please!

Ultra Music Festival is currently in its fourteenth year and it seems that with every year it ramps up even more. It is now consistently one of the biggest EDM festivals in the world and is currently up for an International Dance Music Award for Best Music Event.