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Take Us Back To The Future Folk!

It’s hard, it’s melodic, it’s got some bizarre horns, it makes me want to get weird and convulsively rock out on the dance floor, I can’t deny that I freaking love this track.

Tommy Trash‘s “Future Folk” is a constant assault on your ears. The track evolves with ferocity while taking you deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. Gladly enduring drop after drop, I was a disoriented mess after listening to it.

The warped sounding horns that come in at 0:45 are an aural treat, combine that with a harsh drop at 2:00 and 4:15 and you have what could be considered electro-house perfection. This song is 6:01 of pure, unrelenting, furious energy pumping through your speakers and simultaneously amping you up for whatever is coming next in your day. Hopefully what’s coming next isn’t a yoga class.


HMOD Rating: 7 – Jam!

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