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The Breakdown with Fedde Le Grand


Fedde Le Grand is no stranger in the EDM movement; after all, it was his EP “Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit,” that made the crossover from indie-house to mainstream audiences back in 2006.

Filled with upbeat tempos and addictive techno-beats, his style brought a refreshing change from the standard rotation of music being played at the time.

House music was still considered underground in the US, but the track was generating an indisputable buzz, and eventually caught the attention of Detroit native and superstar, Madonna, who wanted the song for her opening sequence in her world tour. Record executives in the UK pursued the promising DJ, and signed him to the label CR2.

But his rapid success outgrew the smaller label and Le Grand decided to sign with Ministry of Sound, home to renowned artists Benny Banassi and Eric Prydz, “and the rest is history,” he says.


So what does the Dutch DJ attribute to his success? “Be prepared to work your ass off!” True to his advice, Le Grand has done just that. He began DJing as a teenager, determined to find success and never give up, he spent his twenties touring small venues across Europe, but credits the real development of his ingenuity came when he started producing his own music.

This past year, he built a brand new studio that he feels is “an incredibly inspirational space for me to produce in,” and his tracks can attest to that. Last year he released “Paradise” collaborating with Coldplay’s song of the same name, and went on to win “Best Remix” at the IDMA’s and “Best Techno Track” at the Beat Port Awards. It quickly became a fan favorite, and seems that his new release “Turn It” featuring Deniz Koyu and Johan Wedel is no different.

“For me it’s exciting to work with other producers because you get to tap into their talent and it can push your own ideas down a path that you learn from too,” Le Grand says, who happens to be extremely humbled by his own success.


“I make it a priority to never stop learning,” he explains, “there are [always] new sounds, new technologies, new inspirations, new emotions [to put out in my music].” Industry insiders are following his lead–House Music has completely taken over mainstream music, artists like Rihanna, Britney Spears and Flo Rida are now collaborating with DJs in order to insure top Billboard tracks.

So can we anticipate Le Grand collaborating with any pop artists in the near future? “I’d love to work with Justin Timberlake,” he says with optimism, but assures fans that he has some great surprises in store. However, we will just have to wait, he remarks “I can’t tell you much about it yet, I have been sworn to secrecy.”

How does Le Grand plan to stay on top in the now highly competitive industry? For one, social media plays a big part in Le Grand’s success, and claims he is “completely addicted to Twitter.”

For someone who has over half a million fans on Facebook, he must be doing something right. He believes that kind of community is really important, in fact “when I had my own website redesigned, [that was] one of the main focuses,” and it is a great place for fans to connect with the artist, with personal log-ins and pages, access to exclusive material, it’s no wonder Le Grand has taken the music industry by storm.

But he assures us “It’s so much more than just a landing page that’s all about me,” Le Grand allows fans to chose upcoming releases and creates contests for aspiring DJs. Past winner Nicky Romero, who won Le Grand’s Rocking High Remix, was MTV’s EDM artist to watch in 2012.

Le Grand definitely has more than enough to keep him busy, but promises American fans that he’s not going anywhere; in fact you may just be seeing more of him.

“I love playing at the American festivals, they’ve gotten a lot bigger over the past few years and the crowds are really educated in EDM too, they know what they want to hear.” Enthralled by the growing success of house music, he says excitedly, “I think we should totally seize the day!”

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A big thank you to guest contributor Rianna Elrod, for this feature piece!

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