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The Breakdown with Cazzette

Cazzette swedish house

“It’s about making something new and exciting!”

This need to create is the driving force behind the Swedish producing duo Cazzette, made up of Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Bjorklund.

Touring some of the hottest venues and festivals, such as Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and the Element Music Festival in Canada, it goes without saying that this past year has been huge for the Swedish duo. And of course not without some memorable moments…“We almost died in a car crash one time. And Alex almost got picked up by a sugar mama in NYC.”

Alexander and Sebastian aren’t your typical producers. They don’t come from a musically influenced background and they didn’t come out of the womb with a piano or guitar in hand. Sebastian started his love affair with producing after receiving a new computer when he was sixteen years old.

Alexander had no experience with music until his formative teen years, but did study music production and engineering at college, until his life changing meeting with their current producer Ash Pournouri. If the name sounds familiar, it might be because Ash manages another Swedish producer that perhaps you’ve heard of… Avicii.

Cazzette rolling stone t shirt

Their personal eclectic taste in music influences their sound often. “A lot of artists find their sound and stick to it. We like to evolve a lot and that’s probably what inspires us. We always want to take our stuff into a new direction.”

Their love for music other than EDM is what keeps them constantly pushing the envelope. It’s the ability to find and mix the best bits of dub-step, house, electro, and hip-hop that make them so effective at crossing genres.

The pair’s unique perspective on their personal variety of house, which they have described as “dub-house,” has earned support from heavy hitters like David Guetta, Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, and Martin Solveig.

It has also allowed them to have incredibly successful remixes like “Save the World,” “Rolling Stone T-Shirt,” Le7els,” and the At Night Remix of “Sweet Dreams” which stayed in the Top 20 of the Beatport Top 100 for six weeks.

While other EDM producers have definitely been influential for Cazzette, they count their main source of influence as their manager Ash Pournouri.

“We have the advantage of having a musically capable manager which always helps us with inspiration, direction, and solid ideas when it comes to everything we produce.”

Not only has Pournouri helped them develop their “dub-house” sound, but they also credit him with their explosion onto the scene. Their secret for success: “A perfect combination between Ash as a manger and hard work!”

Success has not made their egos swell. Cazzette enthusiastically states, “We’d like to thank all the artists who started doing cross-over because that’s basically why so many people are into it these days.”

It’s this grateful attitude that makes them so likeable. “EDM is not done blowing up yet. Right now the future looks really bright. Especially for us.”

Can’t say that we don’t agree.


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