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The Breakdown with Morgan Page

The Grammy-nominated Producer/DJ on his favorite collaborations, his latest tour, and his advice to up and coming artists.

“The biggest thing new producers don’t understand is how much work it takes,” Morgan Page tells of the misconceptions within the Electronic Dance Music industry.

The successfull producer/DJ has proven to be a true testament to that statement. Page has dedicated thousands of hours to his art with persistence and constant improvement, as he expressed, leading him to his third album dropping this April.

In addition, Page took his chances and says that he was not afraid to fail. He writes his music for his fans, letting them decide which will be the masterpieces, as he stated for his next album “In The Air”. Though he does list his personal favorites as “In The Air”, “Body Work” and “Where Did You Go”.

“Just write as much music as you can, and only release a fraction of those songs,” says Page.

For a fraction of his songs, Page has a long list of collaborations under his belt. His most successful being “In The Air” created with the powerhouse group BT, Sultan + Ned Shepard and Angela McCluskey that landed at #1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay chart for an entire 25 weeks! His favorite collaboration however, goes to “Body Work” with Tegan and Sara. With a Euphoric 80s vibe, Page gives the song tribute for being a track that just sticks in your head.

His success has skyrocketed right along with the popularity of EDM worldwide, and he knows that this is just the beginning.

“It’s acceptable to like EDM now, whereas before it was a weird outcast of musical genres in the past,” says Page. “Obviously this means bigger fan-bases and more integration into pop culture. I don’t know where it’s headed but I will just be working hard on quality songs that I hope last for years.”

Well Morgan Page can keep playing his favorite tracks and then some because he certainly has a lot of places to play them for his fans. Coming off of another tour, Page now has a newly announced residency at the Wynn in Las Vegas and will be headlining at Coachella Music Festival this April.

He certainly has created a long list of countries and cities to add to his tour list. You will never guess what he told us was one of his most memorable… El Paso, TX!

Page shares with us, “It’s a tough one to choose [one performance] – there were so many memorable shows. El Paso is always crazy, but people were chanting my name so loud is was kind of intimidating, like walking into a gladiator match. Then later in the night about 30 girls got up on the bar, and the bar staff hosed them down with water which eventually turned the dance floor into a pool. Crazy!”

Aside from visiting fans through tours, Page credits the rise of social media for another way to connect with his fans. Be sure to share your feedback with him or give him some new ideas, as he actually takes this into consideration. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

The now Los Angeles based producer, will continue rising towards more Grammy nominations and Billboard Top 10 tracks to add under his belt. He even told us on his wish list is to collaborate with Adele.

“Aiming high,” he says.

With the success Morgan Page has had thus far, we don’t think he is going to have a problem checking that off his wish list. And you can bet you will find it here on!

-Erika Gutierrez (@MissE_Gutierrez)

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All photos courtesy of Abbot Monroe (unless otherwise stated)

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  • LOVE Morgan Page! And this is a great feature! HMOD <3


    March 19, 2012

  • I actually saw him in El Paso and that was an AMAZING show!


    March 19, 2012

  • Great interview..Also good insight into what being a successful DJ requires.

    Jeff R.

    March 19, 2012

  • Yeah, you must have the commitment and passion. Thanks for the feedback.


    March 19, 2012

  • Awesome feature! Love the site!


    March 19, 2012

  • Thank you for the support Kelly! :)


    March 19, 2012

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