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The Breakdown with Tristan Garner

“I’m a big fan of Daft Punk, as they really changed my life!” Tristan Garner tells of the legendary French electronic music duo whom sparked his initial interest in house music.

Prior to diving into producing electronic dance music, Garner found himself most interested in rock and nu-metal, having no knowledge of house music. His interest in the electronic music genre kicked off in 1997, following the release of Daft Punk’s first album, “Homework.”

Reminiscent of this revolutionary album release, Garner recalls Daft Punk‘s sounds as causing “a big jump into music production” for him. Due to their key influence on his music career, Garner challenged himself to produce a major tribute to Daft Punk using modern 2012 sounds.

After six months of hard work and dedication, Garner mastered the track “Punx,” which was released in late February and has since played as a club favorite across the globe.

“I’m very happy my music is recognized worldwide,” Garner states fervently.

With electronic dance music gaining momentum and its well-deserved recognition throughout the world, Garner is excited for not only the genre, but also for his own music. He feels the attention being given to electronic dance music “gives hope to all young bedroom producers,” adding that he “think[s] the future shines bright for [them].”

With the majority of his spare time dedicated to working in his studio and his constant search for inspiration, we expect nothing less than Garner’s future ablaze.

Garner informs HouseMusicOrDie of his everyday motto, presenting it as an offering of advice for up and coming DJs and producers: “Never follow the trends, be your own trend! And believe in yourself!”

A great piece of advice indeed, as Garner has encountered the pressures of the industry and, nevertheless, come out on top! His keen devotion and unmistakable passion behind his craft has encouraged him over the years to always believe in his work, even when others may not.

In particular, Garner sheds light on his devotion to a track he produced with Gregori Klosman entitled “Fuckin Down.” He tells us, “I’m quite proud of ‘Fuckin Down’ [because] nobody believed in this track, and it became a big club hit!” That it did! This track went from club hit to club banger, as it was recently re-released as a Miami Special Edit and even remixed by Alesso.

Garner has not only found success in collaborating with Klosman, but has also expressed his favorite collaborations as those he’s produced alongside Klosman and Norman Doray. With tracks like “Fuckin Down,” produced alongside Klosman and the classic hit “Last Forever,” produced alongside Doray, we may just have to agree!!

Aside from producing top house bangers, Garner is wholly involved with his label, Xtra Life, and is currently working on some major projects we look forward to seeing in 2012. Garner informs us of “several big tunes sleeping in [his] computer” he can’t wait to release, as well as Xtra Life parties he is organizing–three of which will be held in the legendary Queen Club Paris.

These parties will feature not only close friends of his, but also new talent including: Norman Doray, Arno Cost, Arias, Gregori Klosman, Brian Cross and Tim Mason. In addition to these incredible events, Garner is currently planning the first Xtra Life party abroad, and on a very large scale!

Garner credits social media as a revolutionary tool for music producers to connect with their fan base. He explains: “I’m using Twitter and Facebook a lot! I can instantly connect with my fans all around the world and share content with them.”

In addition to this aspect of social media, Garner tells us it’s also important for him to know where his fans are, as it assists him in planning performances and parties accordingly. Garner will soon increase his social media outreach, as he plans to offer social tools specifically geared toward Xtra Life!

“My worldwide career is just beginning! I’m only 27 and have many tracks to come, so my ‘masterpiece’ hasn’t been produced yet!” Garner tells us after contemplating what song he’d deem his career defining masterpiece.

After having produced such tantalizing tracks as “Fuckin Down” and “Punx,” not only can we not wait for this ‘masterpiece’ to surface, but we are also eager to see what the future holds for this incredibly talented producer! You can be sure to check to catch every Tristan Garner milestone.

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    April 18, 2012

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