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We Got No Beef With This Afrojack and Steve Aoki Jam!

From the moment we clicked play and heard the hypnotizing synthing and ding-dinging in our ears, we knew this one was going to be HOT!

Throw that sweet bassline in there and get ready to be in Beast Mode! But putting Afrojack & Steve Aoki together on one track, would you expect anything less?! Doubt it.

Before we even saw the music video there was an image in our heads, of where we WANT to be, and where we SHOULD be. VEGAS! Throw this track on your iPod, lock “No Beef” on loop and hit the Strip. When you walk into the clubs or the Las Vegas pools, pull those ear buds out and experience the track how it was meant to be heard…on huge speakers and around smoking hot chicks. Living carefree and good times is what this jam is all about. Enjoy.


HMOD Rating: 8 – Mind Blowing!

SUPPORT THIS ARTIST! Buy this track here:
No Beef (Original Mix) [feat. Miss Palmer] - No Beef (Original Mix) [feat. Miss Palmer] - Single

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