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Zed’s Dead – Rukus The Jam

I stumbled upon this gem by the Canadian duo Zed’s Dead and was so glad I did. While they are better known for their moodier, dub step heavy tracks like “Eyes on Fire,” their track “Ruckus the Jam” is an electro house hit.

This track ha a couple of epic build-ups, one starts at 1:00 and gets you so pumped for the drop you will be begging for it and will be rewarded for your patience at 1:26. They are able to bring their dubstep flavor to this track without taking it too far into the “industrial-sounding, chains banging together” territory. The track takes another turn at 3:23 with a more down-tempo dubstep funkiness but quickly ramps up again at 3:55.

What I’m loving about this song is the fact that you have no idea where its taking you. It will have you guessing from second to second and will confuse the hell out of you.

- Aubrey

HMOD Rating: 8 – Mind Blowing!

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Ruckus the Jam - Ruckus the Jam - Single

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